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From Seed to Market

  • From Seed to Market

    ECONOMIC SYMBOL OF LITERATE KERALA ! RRII-105,RRII-414,RRII-430 Type of brown bud, Green bud sapplings are getting reasonable rate .booking continues for young bud sapplings. Years ago with the institution Of board we have the experience of exporting rubber sappling to the states like Karnataka , Goa , Assam , Orissa , and Tripura.

    Advanced booking for RRII-414 ,RRII-430 types of sapling getting 40% additional income than RRII-105 which are successfully tested in Indian Rubber Research Institutes. young bud rubber nursery which developed through modern biotechnology. Liflong customer of rubber monthly to the order for more than 1000 supplyings – From seed …………….. to market…

    Rubber become the most important cashcrop in kerala. rubber is going its voyage through all the life strikes of the people of kerala

  • How to prepare a rubber nursery

    For preparing the rubber nursery first we have to select a proper place having dequate water and sunlight. After selecting place the next thing is to ensure a good variety of rubber seeds . The best quality of rubber seeds available from marthandam . this variety can be put in husk for months . The seeds can be sprout either from sand or from husk . When the sprout and ready plant it very carefully at 8 inch gap in four line buds . manures like cow dung, veppinpinnack , massurifoss , factum foss can be used . during rainy season to prevent leaf disease bordo mixtune /blue copper/phitoland can be used . During winter season pavistin/ sulper can be used . In the peak of summer season , there is a disease in the leaves called “PAKSHIKANNAN” . This is cured using dithnan m45/mango zib . From one or two months we can start budding from these growing plants . This type of budding takes place Within 6 months are called Greebud . When these time period is extended such type of plant is known as Brown Bud Plants.

  • Young Bud Plants

    Today young bud saplings are very popular. The birth place of this sapling is Malaysia in 1976 and India takes its credit , in Kerala so many nurseries argued that the inventors of these saplings were themselves. But farmers accepted the fact that these saplings were distributed from chalingal rubber nursery

  • Simple Method of Making Polythene Saplings Bags

    Soil, cow dung powder, massorifoss, neem pinnak , etc mixed and fill of in the bags in a particular propotion . Keep this bags in such a place adequate water and light provided. Dig 2 feet , distance and 6 inch dept small canals and plant 2 bags each in canal . then pulled out some aged sprouts and plant into the packets . then add manures like 5 kg .pakyajanakam, 2kg ground nut pinnak , 2kg factomfoss mixed these items in a proportionate quantity . after one month budding can start after six month cut 1.5 inch above the bud eye when the the new sproute coming from the bud eye . use the above mentioned pesticides and manures . during the starting of monsoon season 2,3 longer of saplings grows .there saplings without losing its roots is best than the green bud and brown bud saplings

  • Important Thinks for the packing of green Bud and Brown Bud

    Mix soil , masoori fox , cow dung proportionally and fill in the packets the arrangements of packes not different from the young bud , before planting the saplings from the packets ,the culted portion of the sapling should dig in the wax and also the roots dig in the cowding water . it will help the speedy growing of roots in to the soil .the same type of mannuer and pesticites can be used as the yiung bud to this green bud and brown bud.

  • Important of the Growing Rubber Plants Slapping

    (1) GEOGRAPHY : - In slope regions 20*12 distance 2.5 feet square pits
    (2) in plane region 16*16distance 2.5 feet square pits

  • Covering of Pits

    Remove the stone small , stricks from the pit and fill the pit with the mixture of cowdung, bone powder , veppin pinnak , masoori fose in 3,2,250gm,200gm Respectively . along with thing the platform can construct. In the centre of the pit plant saplings . after removing the polythene cover , if any cheek disease is appeare suddetly clear the affected part and paste bordo mixture in it

  • Interim Crops

    For the years ginger ,pinapple ,banana etc can cultivate along with rubber saplings . the inter cultivations like appyculture ,medical plants , also can cultivate without affecting the soil.

  • Medianal Liquids

    With the starting of the rainy season it is best to use bordomixture /blue copper/ fittolan

  • Rain Pits

    It is best to dig rain pits in the field. Can grow beans in the soil . from the seventh year than supply grow from 18 inch 25 inches. In the itial stage once in a three is better for tapping.

  • Tapping Method

    Accending to the concent of rubber board. The tapping trees get yields for 20 to 25 year

  • Grading system of Rubber Sheets

    Collected rubber milk and collect it in the dish , than make it to sheets , dry the sheets with help of heat shed .3 or 4 price money will get 1 kg .of this type of sheets.

Chalingal Rubber Nursery

Chalingal Rubber Nursery

Chalingal Rubber Nursery

Chalingal Rubber Nursery

Chalingal Rubber Nursery

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